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ow my eye

today we went skiingg! fun fun fun right? well for the most part it was fun... until i ran into a tree branch and got all scratched around my eye >=( it hurts so bad and when I tried to clean it with that... eye cleaner stuff it fuckin BURNED LIKE HELL!!! so now im afraid that my eye will fall off if i use it again. anyways, skiing did end up to be pretty fun. i went in the terrain park thing and didnt fall WOOOOTT but al did... many times.. XD haha jk like mabye once or twice... but it was fun going down steep hills and going half on the jump things.

SARAH IS NOT ALLOWED OFF THE BUNNY HILL! haha well today was sarahs first day of downhill skiing. she was doing pretty well on the bunny hill so i thought 'hey maybe she can go up on the big hills'. she didnt get her little 'x' thing saying she was allowed... but she went anyways. her first time she fell four times. not to bad for going down her first 'big' hill. her second time... that was fucking hilarious. i figured out with sarah when she ski's to fast she falls to stop herself. so we are going down the hill... when suddenly she starts to speed up. im thinking 'omg... she going to fall i better catch up to her'. i yell back at sam "i'm going to go catch up with sarah cause shes probably going to fall again" sam nodds and says "ill catch up to one sec". so now im going down the hill very fast to try to catch up with sarah, and sarah now just took a turn and I cant see her. I make the turn and I see her and there is a snowboarder next to her. all of a sudden BAM sarah ran into the snowboarder. it was HILARIOUS. she started to slide down the hill as the snowboarder kind of rolled. needless to say, she went back on the bgunny hill onyl falling one more time on the big hill.

haha today was a day to remember... well cya ill be posting soon... maybe... depends on my mood
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