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No Subject... o.o

Well, this is my first entry. Yea, I don't have anything interesting to say cause I'm tired and bored. ow... i just stubbed my toe on... i think its some sort of toy... that guy from that movie... i forget. Anyways... that toy is creepy. I put him by the computer and now he is staring at me... watching... and he hasa funny nose. its all big and green. hes all big and blue. i am oh so very bored. "quilty quicker picker upper.. BOUNTY"... im sorry i jsut heard that from a tv thats really loud and I dont think anyone is watching it...

i just realized that i really hate french and our french teacher. she got all mad today just because a few people forgot their projects. WHO CARES. let them fail. and she yelled at me because i didnt know we were going to have a dictée because i wasnt there. and i asked people if i missed anything... but she didnt believe me. grrr... XD anyways everyone said that they didnt even know we were going to have a dictée, so why would she give us one? hm? thats right you dont know what im tlaking about.

i also hate mswhite. she is a bitch. she likes to stare at things and tell us to shut up and sit down. i asked her one simple question [i forget what o.o] and shes like "you can sit down if you'd like" i was like... "ok..." alot of help she was.

im probably boring you all [or... tose who arnt reading this]so im going to go and... do probably nothing. byebye
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